Director at VT Netzwelt | People Manager | Product Manager | Technical Advisor | Developing & Delivering Bussiness Software Solutions


Nitin is a seasoned professional with 18+ years of experience in various aspects of software service industry. As the Director at VT Netzwelt, he leverages his expertise to develop and implement winning strategies, streamline processes, helps in business development, oversee successful deliveries and works towards growth of the organisation. With a master's degree in computer science, Nitin possesses a deep understanding of the technology landscape, which he combines with his extensive knowledge of business practices to deliver exceptional results.

Nitin's role at VT Netzwelt also encompasses account management, where he works tirelessly to build strong relationships with clients and exceed their expectations. Throughout his career, Nitin has travelled extensively, gaining valuable insights into diverse cultures and markets. He has also presented at numerous conferences around the world, sharing his expertise with industry professionals and establishing himself as a thought leader in the field.

As an advisor in various forums, Nitin stays abreast of the latest trends and developments in the industry, ensuring that VT Netzwelt is always at the forefront of innovation. His dedication, focus, and passion for his work have earned him a reputation as a highly respected and accomplished professional.

In addition to his extensive experience and accomplishments, Nitin is also recognized as one of the few pioneers of eLearning implementation in India. His early adoption of this technology and his forward-thinking approach to business have helped him establish a strong reputation as an industry leader. Nitin's innovative ideas and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to drive the success of VT Netzwelt and set a high standard for the industry.


M.Tech in IT

Karnatak State Open University
Fall 2009 to Spring 2012

Bachelors in Commerce

Delhi University
Fall 2001 to Spring 2004

“The best life comes from an investment in knowledge.

– Rogan Philips